Jelinek Slivovitz White  KLP 700ml 50%

Jelinek Slivovitz White KLP 700ml 50%

  • $86.99

700ml 50% alcohol. Kosher for Passover


Silver kosher slivovitz is a very specific fruit distillate, with a sweetish aroma of pits and a delicate, fruity flavour, slightly reminiscent of almonds, thanks to the presence of pits in the mash. For production, only the finest hand-picked varieties of home-grown plums are used. The distillate which arises after a three-step distillation is not subject to ageing, but only allowed to rest before bottling to archive a harmonious balance.  

The distillate is preferably consumed at a temperature consistent with its surroundings.This way the full development of aroma and flavour are achieved so you can best appreciate this masterpiece of Vizovice master distillers.

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